lizjonesbooks (lizjonesbooks) wrote in dreamtaxonomy,

Speaking with the dead

In this entry, maybe people could share their experiences of speaking with the dead. Who did you talk to? What did you talk about? Did they/you know they were dead? Was there a chain of events outside your conversation?

(And giantmoose-- Any word on the wiki yet?)
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I've spoken to both of my late grandfathers in dreams. In both cases it was a couple of years after they had died. The first dream was many years ago, when I was about 10; the more recent one was actually just a few nights ago. Neither conversation was very long, the message in both cases being essentially 'Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing fine.'

In the first dream, of my mother's father, I knew immediately that he was dead, and he let me cry on his shoulder a bit. In the more recent dream, of my father's father, it took a moment to remember. I'd been telling him how well he looked; he seemed decades younger than when I'd last seen him, and was in fine spirits. Then the penny dropped, and he laughed heartily at my astonished expression.
Most of the dead people in my dreams have been relatives (parents & grandparents), though I'm pretty sure a few dreams have had deceased family friends and neighbors in them. They've appeared in pretty much any kind of context:
--they were somehow still alive
--they had died, but they came back from the dead
--they were dead, but they didn't know it though living people in the dream did
--they were dead, but neither they nor living people in the dream knew it (yet I did)
--they were dead, and everybody knew it

I've had dreams where my mother was alive and my father was dead, though in real life, she died more than a decade before he did.

I also had at least one dream with a woman who thought she was my mother returned from the dead, with my father treating her as though she were in fact my mother, but my father told me later that he knew she was just some poor deluded woman who had no relation to us.
Me too -- I've dreamed of my dead maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother. Mostly it was within a few years of them dying, but they still check in every so often. It's nice because my dream-producing memory can remember some things about them (patterns of speech, mannerisms, way of moving) that are quite hazy for me to remember and aren't captured by photographs.

I usually remember they're dead while they're there, and this makes me realize I must be dreaming, not that I get to lucid dream and go all Matrixy. We talked about stuff, can't really remember what, sometimes about them being dead.

The first time this happened I was a bit shocked, but I grew to like it after a while.
I dreamed of my father, who died when I was one year old. In one dream he was standing on a stage in a crowded room telling people he loved me but I was crying because I knew he was dead. In the other I learned that my father was not actually dead; I found him somehow and he admitted that he had actually left me and my mother to go start his life over. My mother thought it was easier to tell me he'd died.