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Adding together responses from my journal and dreamtaxonomy. They were roughly similar in relative frequency except that my fiends had more Authors than Readers/Writers where dreamtaxonomy had the reverse, and dreamtaxonomy had more SF. (I have not counted my double votes.) I don't have a calculator to hand so if you want percentages you'll have to do them yourselves.

Total respondents: 39.

Endless Packing: 9
Amusement Parks/Aquariums: 8
Tunnels/ Passageways Underground: 25
Work: 26
The End of the World (disaster happening): 17
The End of the World (in the aftermath): 14
The Old Flame: 17
Dipping into and out of Authorship: 25
Dipping into and out of Reading/Watching: 28
Having No Pants On: 19
Committing Crimes: 16
Zoo Escaped & Run Wild: 3
SF Adventure: 21
Dinosaur Wood: 3
Faeries: 7

What we learn. The most common of tropes, like dipping into and out of watching the story, work, or passageways underground are not universal. That some things are more common than others. That the unusualist dreams, such as, to me, endless packing, or my own, dinosaur wood, are, nevertheless, shared by others.

I wish I'd heard about detachable penis dreams in time to put it into the mix, but we already know they are not unique.

Since I've never had a Faeries dream, I want to know what happens in those. Are they like faery tales?

Tut, tut, crime committers.

Should have said: Having No Pants On (with no shame); Having No Pants On (with embarrassment).
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In faery dreams for me(along with angel dreams, and alien dreams), usually the creature I encounter lectures me about something. Sometimes it's something serious, but other times, not so much.
My personal fave was during a series of almost-allnighters in college. A gnome, red capped and with a wicked gleam in his eye, popped out from under the nightstand to say, "Haha! YOU didn't think we were real, but we are, and now, we've come to GET you!"
At that point I rolled over, mumbling something like, "I will not condone this sort of behavior", and fell into a deeper sleep. But as I did, I could feel hundreds of tiny feet(mostly faeries, from what I could see) crawling out from under the nightstand and dancing all over my back.
excellent. Scary fairys. So they should be.
On an ordinary night, it might have scared the daylights out of me. But I was waaay too tired. Poor planning on their part.
You left this off, but put me down in the "no pants, no shame" category.

I frequently have dreams where I'm going about my daily life, or even am back in highschool or something, and suddenly realize I'm naked. I usually look down, go "oh, well," and then carry on my business. Sometimes I look for something to cover myself because I don't want to offend other people, but I usually get distracted doing something else.

Once I dreamt I was naked and the whole dream was me rummaging through peoples' clotheslines looking for clothing that fit, because I was cold and it was raining. But again, no shame was involved.