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I have a question for you

I'll say up front that this is only tangentially related to dreams.
Yesterday, I followed a link on jmprince's blog to this wiki, to discover that I experience synaesthesia-- something I'd heard about in passing but never really looked into.

I'd always assumed that my experiences were something that everyone "saw", but apparently not. I suspect that synaesthesia is far more common than some would have us believe-- partly because most of us who have it assume that our experiences are universal.

I thought I would test this theory with people who read my blog, and have cross posted it here, because I'd like to know whether the experience of synaesthesia lines up with a different dreaming experience as well. I could see where it might possibly have that effect, given the associative nature of dreams.

So if you like, follow the link to the wiki, and see if any of the things described there line up with your own experience. I'd be particularly interested in hearing which subtypes you experience, if you have this at all, and also the degree to which your dreams are complex/lucid on a regular basis (and whatever else you think might be relevant!)

Admittedly, this request suffers from self-selection bias, but if you don't ask, how do you know?

EDITED TO ADD: If you *don't* think you have synaesthesia after reading the wiki, please let me know if you lucid dream. I'm wondering how much of lucid dreaming is tied into a highly visual thinking process.

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