burnin_tyger (burnin_tyger) wrote in dreamtaxonomy,

Angelic beings

I dreamed last night of creating stories about angelic beings. I was talking to someone, and standing in front of a window or viewscreen of some kind, and the beings I was making up stories about were wandering around on the other side. Like, I made them up in my head but they manifested or something. There were Greater Celestials, Lesser Celestials, Greater and Lesser Immortals, and Eternals. I think the Eternals were at the top of the heap, so to speak. The Immortals were at the bottom, like servants. The person I was describing them to said, after I mentioned the Eternals, "sounds old." I guess that was in reference to the Eternals, but could have been all of them.

I also dreamed I was laying in a "puppy pile" of people, male and female. The person to my right was supposedly male; but at a later point when I was engaged in more intimate activity with him (beginning with massage but progressing from there) he had no genitalia visible. He was as neuter as a Ken doll, or as the character of Metatron in the Kevin Smith film Dogma. Yet he seemed to be still male and could feel desire and pleasure. Distinctly odd. I added this part because his neutered quality seemed more related to being angelic than to be a eunich (sp?).
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