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let's see if this works - experiment in x-posting a poll

I found the first poll absolutely fascinating. To see what people dreamed; to see that people have those dream abilities that I don't have (breathing under water (tomsdisch amongst others), invisibility, ticky boxes). That falling is so rare (I thought it was the commonest of all dream-types, but I'm wrong). And most of all that 84% of respondents had a familiar dream house to which they return in dreams.

It begs the question, what sort of dream house do you have? (and if I'm right in assuming a dream-history is maintained within dreams of the house)

Poll #914580 Dream Houses

If you dream of a house, is it

the same house from previous dreams
different house each time
sometimes new, sometimes remembered

Poll #914581 Within those house dreams

about the house

you own the house
you rent the house
you squat/other the house
the house has secret passages
the house is under construction
the house has many rooms
the house is in outer space/onlegs/ otherwise fantastical
the house is in a foreign country
the house is well done out
the house is shabby/falling down
the house is scary. (lights won't turn on or similar)
the house a safe-haven
the cellar is always beckoning
the house is somewhere you know in real life
the house is somewhere you don't know in real life
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Mine is usually a party or gathering, or a group house/dorm situation - a huge/endless house but with lots and lots of people in it.
The Big Party with pretty much everyone there, I want to keep as a separate catagory from the familiar house. Especially now we know there are quite a few people who have this big party thing. (Which I am thrilled to know, being a participant myself.)

The absolute blinder would be if, later, investigating The Big Parties in detail, we discover some people who have been at the same party but didn't know each other.
yeah, it's sometimes hard to split into categories. The exploring-strange-rooms aspect is there for me, but nearly always combined with everyone-is-crashing-here...

if, later, investigating The Big Parties in detail, we discover some people who have been at the same party but didn't know each other.

That would be sooooo much fun!!
We need a big party entry, I think!
I've had a couple of dreams (one just last night) about living in a tree house. Often, my dad (who is passed on) is there.
OK, what we learn is that although a poll can be cross-posted e.g. here, which already has a comment about a recurrent dream garden lj doesn't magically tally the results together.

I'm fascinated by non-conventional dream houses. We have a treehouse. What are the others?
When I was first married and we were apartment hunting, I had a couple of doozies. One was a multistory royal blue cylindrical house with no windows, but a central skylight and spiral staircase inside. The kitchen was at the center, and someone was chopping veggies on an island there. I think there may have been an old fashioned gas station and small farmer's market out front, with antique signage.

The other was an ornate glass-walled dwelling that rose out of a ravine near a local park. You accessed it via a narrow bridge(also glassy) that went from the edge of the ravine to a door in the dome-like top of the structure, which resembled a buckyball. I had the sense that the area below was a concrete stem of some kind, almost as wide as the dome.
It was located in a familiar neighborhood, and I often look for it when I pass even now, trying to figure out what might have prompted me to dream it there.
Frequently, the house belongs to a friend or my parents' or is some other home that I've been in many times before... usually a place I feel welcome in, IRL.

Several times I've had dreams where I'm trespassing in the house and afraid of getting caught, either because I'll be punished or embarrassed for being there, and much of the dream involves me hiding/trying to escape.
I frequently have falling dreams.

They wake me up.

I kind of hit the ground/"jolt" into my body/wake up all at the same time. It's disorientating and it irritates me because when I wake up like that I have a hard time getting back to sleep.

I don't have flying dreams, however. I don't know if that's related or not.
>I don't have flying dreams, however. I don't know if that's related or not.

Hmm. Interesting that you thought they might be, which now you've said it sounds logical.

I have both, and they can be related. But very rarely. Usually when falling I'm so in fear I forget I can fly.

The saves that occur more often are preternatural leaping/acrobatics ability ala Lara Croft or Daredevil. But most often it's splat = wake up.

I don't normally have the leaping/acrobatics skills. In fact, I don't remember ever having a dream like that.

Although I do have dreams where I can't move quickly unless I get down on all fours and run like a quadraped, at which point I speed along like the wind.

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I have dreams about different kinds of houses. Sometimes they fall into one of the categories and sometimes another, so I checked lots of boxes.

One thing that is fairly standard though is that in the dream I think of the house as being someplace familiar, only it isn't -- it's completely different than the familiar place, to the extent of sometimes needing to take an airplane which is sort of like a private lounge to get to.
Good gracious, your carbon-dream footprint must be huge.
Oh, it is. Al Gore is often pedaling after me on some sort of winged contraption... :)
I've noticed a couple people with the underground tunnels connecting houses thing. I've also had tht and have had dreams where the house itself was underground-- I had to take many staircases to lower levels. SOme were cavelike, and some were modern nd well lit.
(and some were on fire or falling apart!)
I've also had the dreams of:
childhood home, but no-one's there/
childhood home but everything's changed/
childhood home, but I'm well aware that I'm revisiting as an adult/
current house, but with more rooms/
familiar house or neighborhood that isn't my real house or neighborhood/ dorm style house with many occupants/
own house but with terrifying unseen presences(esp. in basement, and lights never work)/
own house but totally renovated-different inside
very elaborate, ornate residences with many people
elaborte ornate residences where I live/visit with others
houses are such a huge motif...
Undergound tunnels are big. I mean common. I bet. Maybe as big as houses. To which they can be connected.

Houses are huge. Aparently.

Huge. And definitely connected!

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Sometimes I have dreams with multiple familiar houses all pasted together, so to speak, by doorways. These usually don't mix with unfamiliar houses, but I do sometimes dream of unfamiliar houses separately.

I dreamed my icon, too. :)
I am weird, I don't have a dream house. At least not a regular here-I-am-again one. I'm missing out. And I love HGTV too...
Bummer. you should dream up a realtor, or something...

Deleted comment

But have you ever been to Fiddler's Green?

What I learnt is that boolian logic is not applicable in dreams - for most people it is usually both a house you know and a house you do not know. Of course it is; in retrospect, hat's what dreams are like.

I like the idea that you are DIY, house-improvement dreaming.
The house in my dreams is usually the one I grew up in, or at least it will have elements of that house. The most recent house dream I had was the childhood house except its back (only its back; the front views were as remembered) looked into the back garden of the house I live in now (the view from the dining room, very familiar) with a hawk swooping in directly toward the window. The childhood house (ur-house for me, I guess) is translocated.

Translocatoin is important, I think. Things or people where they should not be; buildings especially in the wrong landscape.
I wonder if anyone has dreamed of being in Edgewood house itself (from Little, Big). Your stuck-together reminded me of it.